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Opsens Solutions offers a multitude of turn-key solutions for the oil & gas industry, providing design, installation and field support services

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Downhole sensing solutions

Downhole sensing solutions

Reliable fiber optic sensor for downhole monitoring applications

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Natural gas extraction (CBM and CSG)

A safer and more reliable monitoring solution for downhole instrumentation

Co2 storage (reservoir surveillance)

Reliable monitoring solutions for underground stored carbon dioxide

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Downhole monitoring in thermal EOR

Downhole sensors to increase production and reduce operation and lifting costs

Intelligent and smart field instrumentation

Intelligent and smart field instrumentation

Smart field instrumentation through fiber optic sensors

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Meeting the tough challenges of subsea environment


Storage and Transportation

Storage and Transportation

Versatile, safe and reliable fiber optic monitoring solution

Pressurizired environment

Pressurized environment

Relying on more consestent and safer sensing equipment

Refining processes

Refining processes

Next generation of sensors for refining units

Liquefied natural gas

LNG (liquefied natural gas)

Safe and reliable sensors for liquefaction, storage, and transportation



Better tools to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts


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Fiber Optic Point Sensors Pressure & Temperature

Innovative sensing technology for the oil & gas industry


Fiber Optic Specialized Readout Unit

Robust and reliable fiber optic surface readout units


Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS)

Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS) for downhole

Fiber Optic Specialized Cables

Fiber Optic Specialized Cables

Meeting the challenges of almost any environment

Fiber Optic Sensors for Infracstructure Surveillance

Fiber Optic Sensors for Infrastructure Surveillance

Permanent and reliable sensing solutions requiring no maintenance


Opsens provides services to improve design and deployment of complex integrated reservoir surveillance/monitoring solutions – solutions that provide the data for effective reservoir management decisions.

With a solid experience in wireline, tubing and casing conveyed reservoir monitoring systems, Opsens can accommodate a wide range of production/injection systems. Opsens surveillance design combines both permanent and retrievable “packages” that include: pressure and temperature sensors, fluid recovery system and geophones, to name a few.

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