Fiber optic solutions for the harshest environments

Downhole sensors to increase production and reduce operation and lifting costs

Continuous monitoring

Opsens fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor operates in extremely harsh commonly found in EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) techniques involving thermal processes for heavy oil extraction like SAGD, CSS and steam flooding. The technology delivers real-time, accurate data and allows continuous monitoring of both downhole pressure and temperature in hydrogen and steam rich environments. It has been proven to be reliable at temperatures as high as 300 °C (572 °F).

Suited for permanent monitoring in Unconventional and Intelligent Well Systems, such solutions provide major benefits such as:

  • Enhance oil and gas recovery
  • Increase production yields
  • Improve reservoir management strategies
  • Track well production changes over time
  • Optimize of steam/oil ratio
  • Detection of early water/steam breakthrough
  • Reduce frequency of well interventions