Opsens expertise and support services

Opsens provides services to improve design and deployment of complex integrated reservoir surveillance/monitoring solutions – solutions that provide the data for effective reservoir management decisions.

With a solid experience in wireline, tubing and casing conveyed reservoir monitoring systems, Opsens can accommodate a wide range of production/injection systems. Opsens surveillance design combines both permanent and retrievable “packages” that include: pressure and temperature sensors, fluid recovery system and geophones, to name a few.

Opsens’ geomechanical engineering services complement our downhole monitoring systems by integrating numerical modelling expertise to aid in the interpretation of in-situ data.


Opsens expertise can assist oil producers for challenges related to reservoir geomechanics, including: coupled reservoir geomechanics simulations, borehole stability and caprock integrity analysis. We can also complete reservoir simulations for conventional and difficult reservoirs (SAGD and CBM operations). Opsens integrates its cutting edge monitoring systems with advanced numerical modelling techniques, providing a greatly enhanced understanding of reservoir behaviour throughout its complete life.